Appellate advocacy requires thorough research focused on the specific issues of greatest concern to the appellate judges; the reformulation of these issues through analysis of the facts, law, and standards of review; and excellent written and oral advocacy skills tailored to the unique appellate court. These skills form the cornerstone of Kate Galston's appellate practice.

We offer small and mid-size law firms, corporate legal departments, individuals, and other clients access to top-notch appellate counsel when they need it most. Contact us to see how we can help.


We provide full-service appellate representation in direct appeals in state and federal appellate courts—representing both appellants and respondents. We handle all steps in the appellate process, including the notice of appeal, compiling and analyzing the appellate record, researching and writing appellate briefs, presenting oral argument, and filing petitions for rehearing, review, or certiorari.

Writ Petitions

When dealing with interim rulings from a trial court or other circumstances where appellate review is discretionary, we prepare and file writ petitions in the appellate court or file oppositions to writ petitions.

Amicus Briefs

We write and file strategic amicus briefs in appeals in state and federal appellate courts, representing clients who have an interest in the outcome of an appeal but are not a party to the case.

Trial Court Strategy & Support

We research and write critical pre-trial motions and responses—including motions to dismiss, motions at the certification stage of a potential class action, motions for summary judgment, significant procedural motions, among others.


We also regularly advise clients on legal strategy issues that arise in pre-trial litigation, as well as provide counseling and legal support to clients and trial lawyers throughout trial.


We also research and write post-trial motions—including motions for new trial, motions for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, and motions to vacate the judgment. These post-trial motions can be critical to develop potential appellate arguments, preserve claims of error, and ensure that all of the documents needed for the appeal are included in the trial court record. At this stage in the case, we can work closely with trial counsel to brief these motions, as well as to prepare the groundwork for a possible appeal.

Appellate Consultations

We understand that, before deciding whether to take an appeal, a client must weigh its potential costs and benefits. We guide clients in making a well-informed strategic decision by providing a detailed appellate consultation. We review and analyze the trial court record to identify and formulate possible appellate arguments, as well as to evaluate the strength of those arguments.